Commonly described as map-making, cartography is the primary disciplinary offer of Jason’s practice. He summarises the core of his practice as the mapping of environments, experiences and data. Typically, 3D volumes transformed onto a 2D surface, depicting innumerous realities that engage us in the narratives of space.

“In a world where more maps are being made than ever before, cartography doesn’t need reinvention; it needs understanding!”

/ Dr Kenneth Field

Jason designs and creates maps; advises and educates on maps and mapping; helps others make maps; and employs geographical techniques in map-based spatial analysis and research. Jason designs and produces maps of all types and for all functions, whether topographical, topological, thematic, abstract or artistic inform.

“Maps codify the miracle of existence.”

/ Nicholas Crane”

Graphic Design

Jason’s approach to design is based upon reducing noise, clutter and complexity; a philosophy focused upon simplicity and clarity of communication.

“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to takeaway.”

/ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Jason provides supporting graphic design services across print and digital media. Whilst having experience across may areas of design, Jason focuses on editorial and information design, with particular experience assisting those in the fields of education, publishing, town planning, transport planning and wayfinding.

“In modern practice, with the enabling and advanced nature of tools, there is a tendency to over-complicate solutions, create solutions to problems that don’t exist, and to value peer respect over the end user.”


Informed by, and complementing, the disciplines of cartography and graphic design, Jason can assist you across a wide-range of wayfinding tasks. He has extensive experience, including top-level strategy, information architecture, map design, on-street sign design, location planning and implementation guidance.

“Bespoke mapping serves to better encourage, inform and enhance a visitor experience and memory of place.”

Jason has been fortunate to work on a wide range of schemes, from the scale of an individual building through to city-wide and rural landscape schemes, both independently and as a sub-consultant under the direction of leading practitioners.

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