Yellowfıelds* Spatial Information Design

Brixham, GB [2019]

Brixham town centre

A self-initiated project to address a clear and demonstrable need. Tourists and visitors to Brixham often miss a lot of what makes it such a characterful town and environment. As a resident, and someone who often got asked, ‘where is…?’, the need for a pocket map guide was self-evident. Despite the clear demonstrable advantage a product of this kind has to promote understanding and encourage exploration, there was no support for the initiative, even though the map was well-received in tests. Apparently, the existence of a crude illustrative map created for a single event was deemed good enough to reuse for wayfinding, even though it wasn’t made publically available?! Go figure, as they say. Unfortunately, such is the nature of parochial local politics. The extracts here are from the first test of an A6 pocket (shirt/jean) guide; A3 when unfolded.

Brixham wider environs

[ The extract(s) shown here are not at scale ]