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↓ Yellowfields*

Graphic Design.

Yellowfields is a research-led and process-driven cartographic and graphic design practice led by Jason Clark. He creates solutions to complex design problems resolved with clarity, simplicity and fitness of purpose. The primary focus of his practice is map-making, enhanced by graphic, illustrative and visualisation services.

“Mapping environments, experiences and information.”

Why Mapping? The practice of cartography is both an art and a science and is truly multidisciplinary. It reveals stories, truths, (alternate) realities and patterns out of highly complex systems. It's about design, but also of cognition, communication, data visualisation, geography, psychology, semiotics, spatial analysis… and more. It is the ultimate expression of information design. Simply, mapping matters!

Whatever your mapping needs — interpretation, location, navigation, editorial, tourism, town planning, visualisation, wayfinding — Jason is available for projects, collaborations and consultancy. Get in touch to discuss your needs, no obligation.