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Graphic Design.

Yellowfields is the design practice of cartographer, graphic designer and illustrator, Jason Clark. From his studio based in Ayrshire, Scotland, he provides specialist visual communication services to architecture, planning, transport, urban and rural environment professionals and organisations.

“Bespoke mapping, graphics, visuals and documents designed to inform and engage your audience.”

Core to the practice is mapping. Why? The practice of cartography is both an art and a science and is truly multidisciplinary. It reveals stories, truths, (alternate) realities and patterns out of highly complex systems. It's about design, but also of cognition, communication, data visualisation, geography, psychology, semiotics, spatial analysis… and more. It is the ultimate expression of information design. Simply, maps and map-making matter, perhaps now more than ever!

Whatever your mapping, graphic, illustrative or visualisation needs — interpretation, location, development promotion, community consultation, navigation, editorial, tourism or wayfinding — Jason is available for projects, collaborations and consultancy. Get in touch to discuss your needs — no obligation.