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Wayfinding is fundamental to guiding us through the physical environment, and enhancing our understanding and experience of space — a human activity that’s part of everyday life. It’s particularly important in complex urban environments such as city and town centres, transport hubs, healthcare and educational campuses. The visual cues of landmarks, signs, maps, digital information and environmental graphics help us navigate to our destination whilst also contributing to a sense of experience, well-being, safety and security. The concepts of legibility and experience are key.

Attract. Inform. Encourage.

We have a particular interest in wayfinding and placemaking; the spatial and the platial. With a focus on mapping, we also create graphics and products to support the wider wayfinding system. We believe that simplicity, clarity and efficiency of design is fundamental to improving the user experience. Anything that reduces stress, anxiety and confusion is a fundamental objective.

Our approach to wayfinding is grounded in a comprehensive understanding of people’s behavioural and movement needs. Observation is key combined with other tools such as GIS for spatial analysis. We examine functional and spatial use to gain an understanding and also look for and reveal any ‘sense of place’. Whether we develop a strategy, mapping, signs or other component, we will design with best practice principles in wayfinding and placemaking.

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