Jason Clark MA

Portrait of Jason Clark


Since founding Yellowfields—now Studio Yellowfields—Jason continues to develop the cartographic and graphic offer of the practice, taking the lead in design work. He services clients in a wide range of sectors, including architecture, planning, transport, heritage, conservation, tourism, publishing and wayfinding. Jason keeps up-to-date through self-directed study, research and his developing art practice.

Jason’s particular interests and expertise are focused on cartography, wayfinding and ‘design for movement’—a term he developed whilst a Principal Consultant in Visual Communications at Steer Davies Gleave (now Steer). He has worked on a range of wayfinding and transport-focused projects, of all sizes, integrating movement analysis and strategies in to his work, along with embuing a unique sense of place and implementation of brand, building a better user experience.


Jason has been a cartographer, graphic artist and designer for over 30 years, experienced across numerous fields, though primarily servicing the needs of those in transport planning, town planning, urban regeneration and the natural environment. Previously, Jason worked extensively in both the public and private sectors as a cartographer and graphic designer.

Jason has managed the delivery of a wide range of projects, of all sizes and for a wide-range of clients; from private individuals to global corporations, and not-for-profits’ through to Government departments, often working as part of larger multidisciplinary teams. The development of close working relationships on both the design and client side was critical to success. He has been fortunate enough to have been on teams delivering Legible London, Bristol Legible City, Interconnect Birmingham, Bath Public Realm & Movement Strategy, the London 2012 Olympics… and more, both in the UK and internationally.

His long track record across cartography and graphic design enables him to offer services covering research, feasibility, strategy, system development, design guidelines, design direction, design management as well as detailed design, for both physical and digital assets.

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