Independent vs Corporate

The pandemic has arguably—and about time—redefined work norms. As the independent (self-employed) and freelance world has always known, the standard 9-to-5 employee-centred working day no longer ‘cuts the mustard’. Companies need a rethink and embrace a more fluid and flexible work force. This adaptation can provide business advantage. How? Here are 10 reasons:

  1. Affordability: You don’t have the overhead costs of an employee. They pay for their own holidays!
  2. Flexibility: Independents are not strapped to a desk from 9–5, instead working when they feel most productive and when needed. This provides opportunities for you to get tasks done out-of-hours if need be.
  3. Freedom: Independents are there only when you need them, which is great if your resources are limited or already fully extended. They are unconstrained by office politics and time-wasting meetings.
  4. Quality: Independents are highly motivated and always do their best to deliver beyond expectations, and fast. Their reputation depends upon it.
  5. Independence: Of course! Working solo creates practitioners who are motivated, disciplined and able manage tasks adeptly with little guidance or training. They understand deadlines!
  6. Innovation: The need to be receptive and responsive to new ideas and technology comes with every independent. Unconstrained by the need to ‘toe the corporate line’, you are more likely to get a fresh, and possibly challenging, perspective.
  7. Experience: Lots of it and often incredibly varied, all of which can be drawn upon and added to your own offer. Moreover, you will be dealing with the person actually carrying out the work!
  8. Specialism: Gain a particular and experienced skillset when you need it, without the need to train and maintain staff for occasional requirements.
  9. Availability: Successful and talented independents continue improving (upgrading), enjoying their professional lives, ensuring you can nurture a long and fruitful relationship.
  10. Global: Take advantage of time zone differences for 24-hour operation, or simply gain a different cultural perspective.