Whilst our focus is on the core offer of cartography, we also offer illustration, imaging and visualisation as a complementary and supporting service. This is realised through a wide-range of types that encompass both 2d and 3d forms.

“The power of visual thinking is realised through sketching — the hand as the natural instrument of the brain.”

For anyone interested in art and design, I recommend you watch this inspirational video of designer and educator, Inge Druckery.

Our experience covers a range of fields, but has mainly served town planning, transport planning and wayfinding. There is often a technical bias to the work he creates, though he also works in more abstract and freehand forms as well. Infographics and visualisations are becoming the ever-more prevalent, whether isometric drawings, charts, diagrams or imaginary scenes.

Traditional ‘still’ images are as relevant today as they have always been, as are the linear outputs of film and animation. However, the emerging tools are increasingly interactive and immersive, creating experiences of augmented and mixed realities. Through trans-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary practice, we utilise appropriate tools and techniques to engage audiences. Effective illustration and visualisation results in clearer communication of ideas and messages.

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