Graphic Design*


Whilst the focus here is on map-making, we also offer graphic design as a complementary and supporting service. Graphic design has historically been the only term used to express ‘visual design’, but today we use the term communication design to better describe what we do. It’s an area that blends design and information-heavy topics with the aim of communicating important information and ideas clearly and in a compelling wrapper, making use of appropriate imagery and infographics.

Effective visual communication is paramout to connecting with your audience; to fully realise your idea(s), proposal(s) or message(s). Communication design pulls together the separate elements to create a coherent visual narrative that reflects the (brand) values of its author(s). Typical forms include desktop published documents, leaflets, posters, signage and online assets for both print and digital platforms.

Our fundamental approach to design is focused on clarity, simplicity and efficiency of communication; Swiss minimalism married to the Japanese obsession with detail. In reverence, this is summarised by the iconic designer, Dieter Rams, in his 10 Principles for Good Design.

“Good design is as little design as possible.”

—Dieter Rams

Our experience is wide-ranging, from identity through to product, with the core of delivered work servicing sectors such as publishing, town planning, transport planning and wayfinding.

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