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Mapping environments, experiences and data is core to the Studio Yellowfields practice. Maps are illuminating, perhaps more now than at any other time, and evermore ubiquitous. They are core to our understanding of the world around us; for analysis, synthesis and exploration. Their applications are numerous and varied; spatial analysis, interpretation, wayfinding, navigation, discovery, education, management, escapism… and much more. The examples shown here are extracts from projects I've been fortunate to work on, both independently and collaboratively.

“In a world where more maps are being made than ever before, cartography doesn’t need reinvention; it needs understanding!”

—Dr Kenneth Field

A wide range of tools are used to generate maps, encompassing geographic information systems (GIS), professional illustration software and other spatial analysis frameworks and toolkits. Maps are compiled and created from numerous sources, commercial and open-source, as well as orthorectified aerial and satellite imagery.

“Jason was a pleasure to work with on the creation of a new on-site map here at Waddesdon Manor. His wealth of cartography experience was invaluable in assessing our requirements and presenting a proposal. Our updated map is now easy to read and use.”

—June Primer, Print Manager

Cartographic projects have been scattered throughout the UK, and further afield, including Ireland, Italy, Russia, South Africa, UAE and USA, encompassing everything from abstracted transport network diagrams through to detailed topographic maps. Clients have ranged from private individuals and SMEs through to bluechip and global companies. Whatever your requirements, whether for print or digital media, get in touch.